When social distancing was introduced in March of 2020, the way the Town conducted regular business had to change. Town Council and Planning Commission meetings moved online to keep everyone safe, and we began streaming our meetings and accepting public comment by email.

Now that restrictions are relaxing, meetings will return to being held in-person. However, we’ve recognized the importance of ensuring that our residents can continue to tune in from home. So, we’ll be keeping some virtual options to ensure that our residents can engage in public meetings in a safe way and that we remain transparent and accessible.

There are several ways you can continue to engage with the Town Council and Planning Commission.

Attend a Public Meeting in Person

In late February, some Town meetings will begin to be held in person at the Town Center. Please verify on the meeting agenda whether the meeting will be held in person or virtually.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we will limit in-person attendance at these events to conform to the latest state guidelines. We also require the public to wear masks and to keep safe distances from others when attending a meeting in person. Every Council and Planning Commission meeting includes an opportunity to provide public comment.

Attend a Public Meeting Virtually

If you have concerns about attending a public meeting in person and would like to participate in our meeting virtually through Zoom to provide public comment, please email [email protected] by 5:00 p.m. the day of the meeting. We will then email you information so you can access the Zoom meeting. There will be a call-in option if you don’t have a computer with a microphone available.

When attending a meeting virtually and providing public comment, please let us know in the email if you would like to speak regarding something that is on the agenda, or if this is a part of the general public comment. When it is time for you to provide your public comment, staff will prompt you.

Staff is working on a more streamlined way for residents to provide their feedback.

Watch the Live Stream

All Town Council and Planning Commission meetings will be streamed live on the Town’s website.

Submitting a Public Comment

If you would like to submit a public comment electronically, simply email [email protected] and address the email to either the Town Council, the Planning Commission, or both. Your public comment must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on the date of the meeting. Emailed comments received before packet distribution will be included in the official meeting packets. Emailed comments received after the packet distribution will be included in the meeting minutes and distributed to council and planning commissioner members. Emailed public comments will not be read aloud during the meeting.

Please note that if you comment on a specific development or other land use application, you will not get a direct response from the Planning Commission or Town Council to your public comment. Per state law, councilmembers and commissioners are not permitted to engage in conversations outside of the public hearing on items such as plats, sketch plans, rezoning applications, or other site plans under current review or that will be considered at a future public meeting.

Staff is working on a more streamlined way for residents to provide their feedback.

Submitting a General Comment or Question to Council or Staff

If you have a question or comment that you’d like to make to Council or staff, the best way to do that is through our website contact form. This form will deliver your message right to staff or Council.

Please note that when you submit a comment using our online form, it will not be included as part of meeting minutes unless you specify that it should be.

How to Watch Past Meetings

Past Town Council and Planning Commission meetings will be archived on the Town’s YouTube channel within a specific feed.