For several weeks, areas of Timnath have experienced occasional power outages. On Friday, June 28, 2019, at approximately 6 p.m. an Xcel Energy powerline caused a grass fire in Timnath. This fire was quickly contained, and power was restored later in the evening.

The incident highlighted that birds had been interfering with equipment in the area, causing the outages. Xcel Energy plans to upgrade the wire to provide more consistent power and that can also withstand possible damage inflicted by wildlife.

Here is the official updated Xcel Energy provided the Town:

“Two of the three phases were number two aluminum. The third phase was number four which is too small for the load that we were trying to carry on that line. When we brought it back online, we picked up 67 Amps after splitting the load to roughly half of the big subdivision. Then after repairing the damaged wire and closing in the fuses, we picked up another 97 Amps. That’s 164 Amps, the number four is only rated for around 145 at that temperature. “

“You could also see where the wire laid on the ground and burned multiple thorn-covered areas.”

“We restored 100 percent of the customers around 9:45 p.m. This is the same area that we have been having problems with birds causing havoc on the top side of our regulators. The customers in this area are upset with the frequent outages.”

“I would like to request an upgrade of this wire to a minimum 2/0 ACSR so we have no problems in the future.”