On July 13, Timnath Town Council adopted a new policy covering door-to-door solicitation in town. Going forward, door-to-door solicitors will no longer need a permit and background check. This change was made in order to bring Timnath into alignment with federal law on solicitation, in particular, First Amendment protections. Door-to-door solicitors may not approach residences and businesses that have a “No Solicitation” sign displayed on their premises. If your Metro District or homeowner association has placed a “No Solicitation” sign at the entrance to your subdivision, you are still required to post a sign on your individual residence to prevent solicitors from approaching your home.

If you have a “No Solicitation” sign posted at your home or business, and a solicitor approaches, please point them to the sign. If you intend to press charges for the violation, please call non-emergency police dispatch at 970 416-1985.

Read the official Town Ordinance for more details.