Timnath is looking forward to having its own modern and functional police building in 2022. Plans are underway to begin construction in October 2021, with anticipated completion towards the end of 2022.

We have heard multiple times that public safety is one of the top priorities of our residents. Town leadership has responded accordingly by setting the goal of being fully staffed for 24/7 coverage with 20 police officers in Timnath by years end of 2022.  With this goal in mind, it’s especially important to allow for a future police building that is designed to be functional and can accommodate the growth of the team over the long term.

The building design includes multiple important features the town of Timnath currently lacks including:

  • Room for additional officers and staff (currently the town has 11 sworn members and two support staff)
  • Processing and short-term detention area
  • Necessary space for evidence storage
  • Evidence processing area
  • Interview rooms
  • Patrol Briefing area
  • A designated, camera surveilled area for Court ordered Parental Child exchanges, and for CRAIGSLIST or EBAY private party transactions.

The police department building will be built in an optimal location, with quick access to Harmony Road and the Town Center. The site is large enough for the building to expand over time as needed, accommodating more officers and associated staff as the Town population grows. Since the location is close to Harmony Road the building will create good community exposure and has the potential to stimulate future growth in the area.

Timnath has seen tremendous growth in the last 10 years that requires adaptation from our police department. Currently, our police officers are on duty from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., with any calls after hours being dispatched to the Larimer County Sheriff.  As the department grows towards 24/7 coverage, this will eliminate the need to contract with the Sheriff’s Department for their coverage. A police department dedicated to the Town of Timnath is an important step toward more consistent police service delivery.

The building’s size and resources reflect the needs of our growing community and will comfortably be able to meet those needs as Timnath continues to grow. Ultimately, the town’s residents and leaders are empowered to continue to create and attract their own culture of police officers and set standards that reflect the values of Timnath.