Buss Grove Road Closure UPDATE 7/9/2021:

  • Phase 1 (west of Bidens Gate) road work has been completed, with sidewalk and grading work remaining.  This work will be done as crews are available, utilizing shoulder & lane closures as needed.
  • Phase 2 (Bidens Gate to Latham Parkway) will be starting on July 12.  This will involve a full closure of this section of road as of July 12 for the reconstruction of the road.  This closure is anticipated to last thru August.  The road is being reconstructed to include left turn lanes, bike lanes, and sidewalk on the south side.
  • There will be construction in the Bidens Gate / Buss Grove intersection to include sidewalk, sidewalk ramps, and road reconstruction.  The intersection will remain open for most of this work, but will have a future closure of about 1 week to complete the road work in the intersection.  This closure will be noticed when the dates have been set.

Buss Grove will remain open between Main Street and Bidens Gate Road.  Residents of the Harmony Club subdivision can access Harmony Road via Club Drive. Thank you for your patience as the schedule for the current phase of Buss Grove took longer than expected due to weather-caused schedule delays.