Meet the Family Who Brings Dream Homes to Life

Alan and Kim Strope’s family business, Savant Homes, is celebrating its 23rd anniversary this year. The Stropes have lived in Northern Colorado nearly all their lives, but at one pivotal point they almost moved out of state for Alan’s career in commercial construction.

“We had thought about moving,” he said. “Then we asked ourselves why would we leave this beautiful place we’ve grown up in, that we love and understand so well?”

Around the same time the Stropes committed to staying in the area they began their own business in design-build contracting. Now they and their team have the rewarding opportunity to help clients from all over the country build their dream home in the Timnath and Fort Collins area.

“It’s a spot that, once you come here, people really love it and they don’t want to leave,” Alan explains, obviously including himself and his family in that sentiment.  “There’s been a lot of growth in the last 45 years…it’s been fun to watch.  Some areas have become hard to recognize after all the change but it’s all going in the right direction, overall.”

The Stropes’ business is unique in that they have a very small but tight-knit team of experts that include several members of their own family. Alan is president and Kim is the resident interior designer; meanwhile their son Taryn is their Lead Architectural Designer and their son Treagan is Project Coordinator. Both sons have dedicated their educations to learning and mastering the family business, bringing it to a whole new level.

Alan doesn’t hesitate to acknowledge the rest of his team and their amazing contributions as well. “We believe in what we do, and it takes every one of us to make that happen,” he explains. “Some of the people on our team have been with us 7-10 years, and we hope they will be with us another 10 years.”

When asked about his outlook for the future of Savant Homes, Alan’s excitement and optimism is clear. Even though the pandemic has created some minor setbacks (especially with supplies), he and his team look forward to continuing to help people design and build their ideal homes into 2022, 2023, and beyond.

“Sitting across the table from our clients and having the excitement of our team and from them and what we’re able to produce together is an amazing thing,” he says. “And it takes everyone involved to make that happen.”

Their office is located in Old Town Hall, in the heart of Timnath, and visitors are welcome anytime to drop by.