We are pleased to be conducting Air Quality Monitoring with Colorado State University, in the Old Town Timnath area. As part of that effort, the Town is asking citizens in the area to participate. That participation comes in the form of collecting air samples during odor events.

Please keep in mind that there are a limited supply of sampling canisters available to release. So, depending on the number of interested households, the Town may need to selectively release canisters. If there are more people interested than canisters available, please be patient, there will be additional opportunities to take samples when canisters are returned to the Town.

You may contact the Town to inquire about canister availability. You can also stop by the Town Center, Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm and depending on availability, we will be happy to issue you a canister for collection.  Please note, we will only be issuing one canister per household at a time. When you return your collected sample you may request a replacement canister if you would like to continue to participate.

We appreciate your participation.