Through a partnership between the Town of Timnath and the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club (CRYSC, pronounced “crisk” for short), Timnath residents can participate in a Soccer Start Program for 3-5 year-olds for FREE. There will be limited spots, so register your child ASAP. CRYSC offers year-round, paid Soccer Start programs as well, but this opportunity is limited and FREE to the first 24 participants that register.


Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club has been servicing the community of Timnath since 2018, when it merged with local club Colorado Storm.

Chris Bentley, Director of Player and Coach Development, has seen many remarkable changes in the last several years. “We’re serving more families than ever before, especially in the last six months, thanks to the growth in Timnath,” he said. “Parents are happy with the results they’re seeing. We’ve received a lot of good feedback and we’re going in a good direction.”

There is a very good reason for that growth. CRYSC’s vision is that every child in the community, regardless of circumstance, has the opportunity to learn soccer. The club’s learning model is adaptive and laser-focused on helping each child develop his or her own unique pathway.

“Development is so ambiguous,” Chris went on. “Some kids are underprivileged and underserved. One of the things we try to create with our program is endless possibilities of where and how we can potentially serve the youth, regardless of how much or little they can pay.”

To this end, CRYSC offers everything from free classes and programs at local schools and other places in the community, to options for families who travel and are invested in competitions, and an ever-widening range of options in-between.

Chris and the other coaches in the Timnath area recently offered a free camp to help reacclimate kids to playing after the COVID lockdowns. It was a welcome opportunity for youth and adults alike to safely engage in teamwork, collaboration and to have some fun.

“We even had elderly people in the community walk up to the fence and thank us for the camp,” Chris said. “The sound of the kids laughing and talking while they practiced on the field really touched them. You could tell how much they appreciated the interaction.”

CRYSC has an optimistic outlook for the rest of 2021 and beyond. They are one of the few clubs in the state to have added competitive players this year. While growth is always a welcome thing, Chris emphasized the importance of quality over quantity, of making sure that every youth gets the individualized time and attention they need to develop.

Perhaps the best way, to sum up, is in his own words:

“It’s our job to serve the kids, not the kids’ job to serve us.  Our end goal is the kids.”

If you’re interested in being involved in CRYSC or signing your kids up for the upcoming season, don’t hesitate to give them a call at 303-399-5858 or visit their website to learn more. In the coming weeks, look for additional programming opportunities for Timnath residents.