The Timnath Parkway has been a part of Timnath’s long-range Town plans since it was included with the formation of the Timnath Development Authority in 2004. Town Council and residents noticed that the amount of car and truck traffic was increasing on Main Street since it was one way to avoid traffic on I-25. Council recognized the increase in traffic would create concerns for residents that lived on this route and had driveways that connected to this two-lane road. The original skewed railroad that crosses Main Street also creates additional safety concerns for the traffic traveling on Main Street.

To solve this question, the Timnath Parkway was proposed. Since it was proposed and approved, the Parkway has been included in all the long-range planning documents for the Town, including the Transportation Plan and the Comprehensive Plan. The alignment of the Parkway will be from the intersection of Harmony and Main Street, angling northeasterly and perpendicular to the railroad tracks. It will then head north to Buss Grove and ultimately, angle back northwesterly to the current Main Street alignment. This route is designed to be four lanes, with a divided, raised median that has no driveways and only has limited access points, making the route safer for those driving through Town.

The Parkway project serves to create a transportation system that supports the increased traffic through our Town, and to reduce the amount of pass-through traffic through Old Town, ensuring the safety of those visiting and living in this part of town.

The Timnath Landing project is the catalyst for the Parkway. The first phase of the project includes 55 single-family homes and infrastructure to connect 2nd Ave. to Signal Tree Drive. The property is now platted, and the right-of-way is dedicated. The final review of the Parkway construction is in review with Town staff. Currently, the review of the plans by the railroad and public utility commission is needed. Once these groups approve the project, the construction can begin but it is not part of the first 55 lot phase.

The first phase of the Parkway project will include a median and two lanes, along with bike lanes. The Parkway will intersect with Buss Grove on the north and stop, later to be completed with the development of the properties north of Buss Grove. As part of this phase of the project, Main Street will also be improved from the traffic circle on Main Street to the railroad. This project will include the installation of sidewalks, on-street parking and two travel lanes.

The Parkway project supports a future Artisan District within Old Town Timnath. This project was established with the Timnath Dreambook, and it will be located west of the Parkway and north of the railroad tracks. Access to the Artisan District will be via the intersection of 4th Avenue and the Parkway. This same intersection would also become the primary access to Main Street for those traveling to Timnath.