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In 2020 the Town formed a Metro District Ad Hoc Committee to facilitate information sharing and communication between the Town Council and the residents of Timnath regarding metropolitan districts in the Town.  The Committee was dissolve after submitting advisory recommendations to the Town Council in October of 2020.


Learn more about Metropolitan Districts in Timnath

The Metro District 301 Presentation

The 301 presentation focuses on the issuance of debt by metropolitan districts including parties to the transaction and the different types of debt that can be issued.

The Metro District 201 Presentation

The 201 presentation builds off the basics presented in the Metro District 101 presentation. The 201 presentation focuses on the concepts and legal questions surrounding “developer-controlled” Boards of Directors and other Metro District structures.

Metro District 101 Presentation
Are you interested in learning more about how Metropolitan Districts work? Our Metro District 101 presentation dives into the basics of metro districts, including how they are formed, their benefits and what role they plan in Town projects. Watch the video presentation below.