Public Works

The Timnath Public Works Department is responsible the day to day management, maintenance and improvements of the Town’s streets, rights-of -way, parks and building maintenance.  Xcel Energy is the primary provider of utilities.  Contact information Xcel Energy can be found below.

Xcel Energy Contact Information:

Customer Service: 800-895-4999
-or- Customer Service via their WEBSITE

Street Light Outage/Malfunction: 800-895-1999
-or- Street Light Outage/Malfunction via their WEBSITE

Power Outage or Electric Emergency: 800-895-1999
-or- Power Outage or Electric Emergency via their WEBSITE


Street Light Outage Map
Interactive Street Light Map


Misc. Information

Snow Plow Policy

Snow Removal Map

Flood Plain Notice

Historical Street Renaming of Roads within Timnath



For more information on Public Works you may contact

Cody Speaker at 970-224-3211 or email at