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To increase public engagement, Town Council has created three new standing and ad hoc advisory committees for the Town. Each advisory committee will consist of up to seven members, with two Council members and five community members sitting on each.

About Each Advisory Committee

Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails (PROST) Committee:
The Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Committee will advise the Town on all matters related to Town-owned and controlled parks, trails, and open spaces, and recreation areas and facilities, programs, and services. The Committee will provide recommendations to the Town Council regarding recreational planning, development, and operations, and provide additional insight on how the Town Council can best serve the related needs of the community. Application process is closed.

Finance and Audit Committee:
Timnath’s Finance Committee is tasked with reviewing the Town’s financial health. The Committee will also provide recommendations about whether the financial information of the Town is accurate and meeting the needs of the community. These recommendations will be submitted to the Council for review. This committee will meet quarterly.  Application process is closed.

Metro Districts Ad-Hoc Committee:
The role of the Timnath Metro District Ad Hoc Committee is to facilitate information sharing and communication between the Town Council and the residents of Timnath regarding metropolitan districts in the Town. The Committee will dissolve after submitting advisory recommendations to the Town Council on October 31, 2020. Application process is closed.