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Building a Future for Timnath’s Police Department

Project updates for the Town’s new police headquarters

Project Background

The results of a 2018 resident survey concluded that public safety was the top priority for the Town. The community has strong support for the Town’s police force and the department is committed to providing top-rated, exemplary service to residents.

The Town’s long-term goal to have a full-time, fully functional police force requires an investment in a dedicated police building. Under current budget and building restrictions, the ability to provide high-quality services that the community expects is becoming increasingly more difficult and police staff have grown out of their current space.

Town Council is exploring options to build a new police headquarters to meet the needs of the community and the department as the Town continues to grow.

Next Steps

●      Town Council and staff are currently evaluating three site options:

○      Artisan District: Off 4th Ave in Old Town
○      Fewell Property: Off Harmony Road near the railroad tracks
○      Mill Brother’s Site: Off Goodman Road north of the existing building

●      Town Council and staff will tour other police facilities
●      Evaluate building requirements and cost


Helpful Links

An archive of project presentations and Council decisions related to the project:
●      State of the Police Department Presentation (February 2020)
●      Police Dept Presentation (March 2020)
●      Police Department Work Session (July 2020)


About the Timnath Police Department

The Timnath Police Department delivers exemplary service to residents and stands behind their mission to provide citizens of Timnath with ethical, equal, and quality police services to enhance the community. Currently a department of 12, we have 9 sworn officers and two police techs. Staff totals are projected to increase by 3 for a total of 12 sworn officers by the end of 2021.

The department’s growth aligns with the Town’s increased number of calls for service and is part of our long-term plan to have a full-time police force and dedicated police building that meets the growing needs of the community.

Currently, the Timnath Police Department responds to calls for service between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. seven days a week. After-hour calls are handled by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office through an intergovernmental agreement.

Providing 24/7 police coverage by Town police staff will increase police coverage and services for the community and decrease response times.

Stay in the Know

Curious about the process? The Town is committed to keeping residents informed and up-to-date on our progress. Sign up for email notifications today!