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Timnath, Colorado Police Department

Non-Emergency Number – General Inquiries (970) 224-3211

If Officer Needed – Larimer County Sheriff’s Dispatch  (970) 416-1985


Purpose: The Timnath Police Department began serving the community in late 2008 as a way to ensure the safety and security of the community by upholding democratic values, behaviors, and abiding by all constitutional safeguards. The department is committed to the Values set forth by the community and maintaining a high quality of life for our residents to ensure that our Town is a safe place to live, work, and visit.
The Timnath Police Department is looking for certified and talented applicants to join our force. If you are interested in starting a career in local Colorado law enforcement, visit the Police Department Application page to submit your resume, complete a Timnath employment application and fill out our release and waiver forms. Only applicants who have completed testing through the National Testing Network will be considered. All officers must abide by the canon of ethics as adopted by the Police Department.
Mission Statement: The mission of the Timnath Police Department is to provide citizens of Timnath with ethical, equal and quality police services to enhance our community.
To contact Chief Terry Jones, please call 970-224-3224 between 8:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. If you would like to report a Police Department Compliment or Complaint, please complete the form below.


Police Department Compliment / Complaint Form

Department Values
 Department Values
  • The Department values set forth our philosophy of policing and our commitment to the community.
  •  We recognize we have been given a special trust by our community.
  • We will respect our community through honest, fair and respectful communication and interactions with our citizens while recognizing our accountability to the citizens.
  • We believe law enforcement and the community share in the responsibility for crime control and safety and our department’s role is defined by the community.
  • We accept the responsibility to react to crime activity in a way that emphasizes prevention and is supported by enforcement of the law.
  • We believe in working collaboratively with neighborhoods to better understand the nature of neighborhood problems and to develop meaningful and cooperative strategies to address the problems.
  • We believe in and respect Constitutional safeguards, laws and democracy.

Useful Reference Numbers & Information

Child Advocacy Center (Larimer Co):  970-407- 9739

Crime Stoppers:  970-221-6868

Larimer County Court/Traffic:  970-494-3500

Detention Center:  970-498-5200

District Attorney:  970-498-7200

Larimer Humane Society: 970-226-3647

Larimer County Sheriff – 24 Hours:  970-416-1985

Timnath Municipal Court: 970-224-3211

Victim/Witness Services: 970-498-7285

Motor Vehicle Accident

Report a traffic accident to the Colorado State Patrol:

You can make an online report if all of the following criteria are met:

No fatality or injury requiring medical attention was sustained by any person involved, and;

The accident is not an alleged hit and run, or there is no information on the other driver, and;

The accident does not involve damage to any public property, and;

No drivers involved are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Or, the accident occurs on private property and the above criteria have been met.

The crash website can also be used when the Timnath Police Department is on accident alert.

Report an Accident Online

Claiming Property

If you need to claim property, please contact the Police Technician Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm at 970-224-3211.

Note: Property is released by appointment only by calling (970) 224-3211.

• In order to claim any property, an appointment must be made and photo identification is required.
• If you receive written notification that you have property to claim, this property will be held for 90 days after the mailing of the notice or after a safekeeping notice has been issued. Unclaimed property will be disposed of per Timnath Police Department policy.
• If you are unable to claim your property, you may designate another person to claim the property for you. In this case, you must provide the designated person with a notarized letter authorizing that person to claim the property for you. That person must present the notarized letter and photo identification at the time of their appointment.
• Unclaimed property with an unknown owner or unknown address of the owner, will be held for 90 days. If the property is not claimed, it will be disposed of per Timnath Police Department policy.
• It is the policy of the Timnath Police Department to allow a finder of property to claim found property if the rightful owner does not claim the property within 90 days. The finder must make a written request to the Timnath Police Department advising that the finder would like the item if not claimed. Any type of electronic devices that may contain personal information (phones, iPod, iPad, tablets, laptops, etc.) will not be released to anyone except the verified owner of the property. Any electronic devices that have remained unclaimed after 90 days will be destroyed per Timnath Police Department policy.
• Firearms cannot be released without a background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

For any additional questions, please call (970) 224-3211.