Code Enforcement and Animal Control

Timnath Code, Zoning, and Animal Enforcement Services

The Town of Timnath Code Enforcement Service is responsible for the enforcement of a variety of Town codes and ordinances.  The codes were created to enhance the quality of life in our Town, and help to maintain healthy neighborhoods free of unsightly or hazardous conditions that can have a negative impact on surrounding property values.  The Town can achieve a quality of life by working with the community to ensure that every Timnath neighborhood is a source of pride for its residents and business owners.  To contact Code Enforcement staff during regular business hours please call: 970-224-3211.  After hours call: 970-226-3647.

For Code Complaints, please click on the link below and click on “Enter Complaint/Service Request” to fill out a service request. The Town Code Enforcement Officer will receive your request and contact you if further information is needed or the status of the complaint.

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Animal Control Information:

Animal Control Codes and Ordinances

Weeds, brush, rubbish, and trash

Weed means an unsightly, useless, troublesome or injurious growing herbaceous plant, and shall include all rank vegetable growth which exhales unpleasant and noxious odors and also high and rank vegetable growth that may conceal filthy deposits. Article 4 Sec. 7

Brush means voluntary growth of bushes and such as are growing out of place at the location where growing and shall include all cuttings from trees and bushes; and also high and rank shrubbery growth which may conceal filthy deposits. Article 4 Sec. 7

Rubbish means any type of debris, trash, waste or rejected matter. Article 3

Trash means any worn-out, broken up or used refuse, rubbish, toppings, twigs, leaves of trees or worthless matter or material. Article 3

The Town shall give written notice to the property owner of said property of any violation of this Article and shall give notice that said owner has two (2) days to cut or remove the weeds, brush and rubbish, and comply with the requirements of this Article. (Ord. 11-2002)

For weed concerns or spraying on non-private property contact Larimer County 970-498-5768

Code FAQs

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