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Timnath Well Monitoring Program

On September 1, 2020, Timnath Lakes (a development in Timnath Landings) received a conditional Planning Commission approval for a project to the east of the Downtown Timnath area. As part of that project’s improvements and the overall development, they will be installing a permanent dewatering system. As a condition of approval, the Town is requiring them to develop a monitoring and mitigation plan for the existing wells surrounding their development.

We are providing you with the opportunity to register your well with the Town in order to participate in the development’s monitoring and mitigation plan. In order to register your well with the Town, it must be permitted with the state, or have a court decree with a first date of use prior to 1972. The information associated with those wells that are registered with the Town will be provided to the developer and their hydrologic consultants in order to get current information regarding the groundwater levels and operation of the well. After the completion of their project, if your well is no longer able to operate as it did prior to their construction, they will then look at options to resolve that situation.

The following timeline outlines the events to occur in regards to the monitoring and mitigation:

  • Following completion of all registrations, the developer will gather information regarding current well conditions. This is to be completed within approximately 30 days after registration of the well with the Town. Registered well owners must provide access to the well and well equipment/facilities to the developer and/or their engineers.
  • Within two (2) years following the commencement of operation of the dewatering ponds (to be completed with Filings 3 & 4), the owner of any Town registered well may notify the Town & Developer if they believe they have been impacted. The specific start date of the two (2) year period is undetermined at this time, however, it will coincide with the final acceptance of the ponds & related Filing by the Town.

Download Form

All well registration forms must be returned to the Timnath Town Center (4750 Signal Tree Dr., Timnath, CO 80547) no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, to be eligible to participate in this well protection program.

For additional information, please review: