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The Town of Timnath and Larimer County are working together, and with the community, to prepare a cooperative Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) regarding management of urban development and to establish a Growth Management Area (GMA) north of Timnath. The agreement would also establish a cooperative planning area from County Road 52 to County Road 56 where Timnath, Wellington, Larimer County and affected residents and property owners would work together to plan for the future. The GMA and cooperative planning area are consistent with the County’s Comprehensive Plan.

What is a Growth Management Area (GMA)?

Every community has processes and planning tools to manage where and how they grow. Growth Management Areas (GMA) are a way to look beyond the community’s current boundaries to help with future planning. GMAs are developed with public input from residents and close coordination with other local government entities. GMAs provide a long-term vision for the community and help ensure the right type of development fits the needs of current and future residents.

How do the Proposed IGA and GMA impact you?

The IGA and GMA do not change your current zoning or land use regulations; nor does the proposed IGA or GMA impact your property taxes. We understand that many residents north of Town prefer to remain in the unincorporated area of Larimer County. If the IGA with Larimer County is approved, existing properties will remain unincorporated. The IGA and GMA will simply formalize the longstanding cooperative relationship between Larimer County and the Town of Timnath in responding to future annexation and development proposals.

In the future, if new development such as Rezonings, Special Reviews, Minor Special Reviews, Subdivisions with more than one lot, and Special Exceptions, is proposed, the County will refer the project to the Town of Timnath for review and comment.

What is a Cooperative Planning Area (CPA)?

A Cooperative Planning Area is an area where the County will lead collaborative efforts with neighboring jurisdictions when development decisions may have an impact on future Town growth patterns. Residents, landowners, neighboring municipalities and the County all have a stake within these areas. Development proposals within these areas will be referred to neighboring jurisdictions for close coordination during the development review process.

A Cooperative Planning Area is currently proposed north of County Road 52 to County Road 56 and west to County Road 11 (north of the City of Fort Collins’ GMA).  This is what is shown in Larimer County’s Comprehensive Plan in the Framework Plan (p. 60, p. 73).  The Town of Timnath and Larimer County will work closely with each other, along with the Town of Wellington, within the area between County Road 52, County Road 56, I-25 and County Road 1.

Regional Collaboration

The Town and neighboring communities of Larimer County, Wellington, Windsor, Severance, and Fort Collins all work together to establish GMAs that are mutually beneficial and provide continuity and a shared vision for the region.

What’s Next?

The proposed IGA and GMA are still under review and consideration by Town and County staff. Community outreach opportunities and public meetings related to the project are outlined below.

  • August/September – Public education and outreach
  • Mid-August – Town and County staff meet to finalize IGA language
  • Wednesday, September 9 – Tentative County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioner work session on IGA and boundaries for GMA
  • Tuesday, September 22 – Tentative Town of Timnath Public Hearing and action on IGA
  • Monday and Tuesday, September 28 and 29 – Tentative Board of County Commissioners Public Hearings and action on IGA

Get Involved:

There are several opportunities to get involved in the process.

  • Work session with the Larimer County Planning Commissioners and Board of County Commissioners tentatively scheduled for September 9 at 6:00 p.m. Register to observe on the County’s webpage:
  • Public Hearing with the Timnath Town Council – scheduled for September 16 at 6:00 p.m. see Town of Timnath website for agenda online here
  • Proposed Public Hearings with the Board of County Commissioners – tentatively scheduled for September 28 at 3:00 p.m. and September 29 at 9:00 a.m. see Larimer County website for agenda online here


Staff contact Information

Matthew J. Blakely, RLA, LEED AP, Community Development Director, [email protected], 970-224-3211

Lesli Ellis, AICP CEP, Community Development Director Larimer County, [email protected], 970- 498-7690


Additional Information

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Other Supporting Documents:

Town of Timnath Comprehensive Plan Larimer County Comprehensive Plan