Fishing in 2018 should be excellent for walleye and largemouth bass.  During recent fish population sampling by Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Walleye planted in the reservoir have taken well in most years and were represented each year during sampling. Length frequency data from 2018 show a diverse size and age structure in the reservoir with walleye ranging from six to twenty-two inches. Adult walleye in Timnath Reservoir are a species at the top of the food web, relying primarily on recruitment and production of gizzard shad as their primary prey species. However, no gizzard shad were sampled in 2018 which is of some concern for the overall stability of the fishery. It is possible that shad were simply missed during 2017 sampling and are still present in good numbers. In 2018, the reservoir was near full pool during sampling and in previous years’ water levels have been drawn down substantially during sampling. Higher water levels generally lead to lower catch and could have been a factor impacting numbers in 2018. Walleye were still in above average condition so it appears they are still finding abundant prey in the reservoir.