Timnath Residents
Annual shore use passes are free of charge to Timnath residents and will be mailed out to residents by March 1st each year. Hang this pass on your review mirror in your vehicle when you park to use the Timnath Reservoir. You will not be able to have access to the reservoir without a shore use pass. If you walk or jog to the reservoir be sure to carry your pass with you. If you did not receive a shore use pass, or if you lost your pass, please come to the Timnath Town Center at 4750 Signal Tree Dr. Timnath, CO 80547 with proof of residency, and staff will be more than happy to provide you with a new or replacement pass.

GMA residents and Colorado Anglers

There will be no limit on GMA resident annual shore use permits or GMA resident day-use shore permits. The Town will issue 25 Colorado angler annual shore use permits per year and 10 Colorado angler day-use shore permits daily on a first come first serve basis. Annual permit fees are for a one year period ending December 31 of each year, regardless of when the permit is purchased. There will be no pro-rata discount for partial year annual permit purchases. Day-use permits may be picked up at the Town of Timnath Administration Building during regular business hours or purchased online at the Timnath website, a copy of the receipt will serve as the day-use permit. GMA residents will be required to enter their address and Colorado Angler’s will be required to provide their Colorado Fishing License number. If this information is found to be incorrect or falsified, admission to the reservoir will not be permitted.

  • Annual shore use permits will be $65
  • Senior shore use annual permits will be $30
  • Shore use permit will be $10 per day
  • Senior shore use permit will be $8 per day