Timnath Residents
Timnath residents may bring up to eight (8) guests to the Timnath Reservoir with no additional fee.

GMA resident and Colorado anglers
Guests are considered anyone NOT living in the permit holder’s household. Only guests under the age of 16 may accompany the permit holder (permit holder must be a GMA resident/Colorado angler) and use the reservoir without an additional fee. All guests over the age of 16 must purchase an additional permit.

You can see the results from the 2017 survey here:  2017 Planning Survey

The Town will issue one hundred (150) annual non-motorized boat permits (includes Timnath residents and GMA residents), twenty-five (25) Colorado angler annual non-motorized boat permits per year, ten (10) day use non-motorized boat permits daily (includes Timnath residents and GMA residents) and ten (10) Colorado angler day use non-motorized boat permits daily, all on a first come first serve basis. There is no limit on the number of boats per household for non-motorized boating permits.

No. At this time, motorized boating at the Timnath Reservoir is restricted to the use and enjoyment of Timnath Residents and their guests. All guests must be accompanied by a Timnath resident pass holder.

You can see the results from the 2016 survey here: October 2016 Survey Results