Door to Door Solicitation “Opt-Out” Form

According to the Timnath Door-To-Door Solicitation Ordinance (the “Ordinance”), commercial solicitors must register with the Town and be issued a permit before they are allowed to solicit door-to-door within the Town Limits of Timnath.

If you do not want door-to-door commercial solicitors at your residence, please complete an “Opt-Out” form below.  For your convenience this process can easily be done online by selecting the “ONLINE Opt-Out Form” button below.  As a reminder, this form does not apply to non-commercial solicitors such as non-profit groups who may continue to solicit at your residence. If you wish to prohibit all solicitation at your residence, you may post a “No Solicitation” or “No Trespassing” sign at your residence to prevent both commercial and non-commercial solicitation.

ONLINE Opt-Out Form

If, for some reason, you can not submit the form online using the button above, you can select the “Opt-Out Form – PDF” button below and print the form.  Completed forms can be returned in person or by mail to: Town of Timnath, 4800 Goodman St., Timnath, CO.

Opt-Out Form – PDF