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Council Member Lisa Laake

lisa laake

Council Member | Term Expires: April 2026
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Councilmember Lisa Laake has been a dedicated Colorado resident for 25 years and holds a Bachelor of Science in Health & Exercise Science from Colorado State University and a Master of Public Health in Community Health Education from the University of Northern Colorado. With 15 years of experience in government at the municipal, county, and state levels, Lisa has brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Timnath Town Council since 2018. Her commitment to public service is evident in her extensive background and her continuous efforts to enhance the well-being of the Timnath community.

Motivated by her love for Timnath and a desire to ensure it remains a great place to live, Councilmember Laake is passionate about community events, parks, recreational opportunities, and being a voice for local residents. Her key objectives on the Town Council include listening to all community members and representing their voices, making data-driven decisions informed by experts, and focusing on maintaining and expanding parks and recreational opportunities. Lisa’s notable accomplishments on the Council include introducing civic engagement initiatives such as Council Chats and live-streamed public meetings, achieving quiet railroad crossings, enhancing the Town Center and Police Department Buildings, and completing significant park projects like the Poudre Trail and Community Park phases. Outside of her council duties, Lisa enjoys spending quality time with her family, hiking, playing games and cards with friends, bunco nights, and participating in book club activities.