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Cobb Lake area residents, please see the letter from the Mayor below.  The related information packet pertaining to Timnath’s GMA and the Cobb Lake area can be seen HERE.  

October 29, 2019

Dear Cobb Lake Neighbor,

The Town of Timnath is in the process of finalizing an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Larimer County to manage and control growth in and around our community. The agreement confirms our previously established growth management area (GMA), which includes the Cobb Lake area.

Please understand formalizing this GMA does not change anything about your residence.  There are no changes to your zoning or land use regulations. There is no impact on property taxes or property rights.

Cobb Lake Will Remain in Unincorporated Larimer County
We know the residents of Cobb Lake prefer to remain in the unincorporated area of Larimer County. Under no circumstances, will Timnath pursue a forced annexation. In fact, the IGA with Larimer County includes binding commitments from the Town of Timnath that:

  • We will not force an annexation; the agreement explicitly prohibits involuntary annexation of the Cobb Lake area.
  • We will not change any existing zoning or land use regulations.
  • We will honor all existing agreements that Cobb Lake currently has with Larimer County; this IGA will not supersede any contracts or agreements currently in place.
  • Your property taxes will not change just because you’re in the GMA or as a result of this IGA.

Only Residents of Cobb Lake Can Initiate Annexation
The IGA with Larimer County protects your rights by:

  • Requiring a super-majority vote of the Hill Community Association in favor of annexation to bring Cobb Lake into Town limits.
  • Prohibiting annexation through enclave, meaning Cobb Lake will never be subject to annexation simply because all the property surrounding it is officially part of the Town.

An IGA with Larimer County allows us to ensure that development surrounding Timnath matches our vision for standards, density and quality.  It supports smart planning and good governance, and most importantly, it provides you and your neighbors assurance that your community will maintain its character and aesthetic.

Learn More
You are invited to attend a public meeting on November 7 at 6 p.m. at the Timnath Town Center, 4750 Signal Tree Drive, to discuss the Town of Timnath’s GMA and ask questions. I hope to see you there.

Mayor Jill Grossman-Belisle
On Behalf of The Town Council