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In an effort to balance the First Amendment rights of residential solicitors in the Town with the privacy, safety, health, and welfare of the Town’s residents, the Town of Timnath allows both commercial and non-commercial solicitation as cited in the “Timnath Door to Door Solicitation” Ordinance.  All required forms related to the act of Door to Door solicitation within the town-limits of Timnath, as well as a link to the complete ordinance, can be found on this webpage.

For the convenience of companies and/or individuals interested, some “highlights” of the ordinance are listed below:

  • A permit is required for commercial solicitation of any kind.  Permits are valid for two years from date of issuance.
  • Each person authorized to solicit under a permit, and all supervising staff, must be registered and submit to a background check (at applicant’s expense).
  • Required information will include, but may not be limited to:
    • Name, address, telephone number, and date of birth.
    • Full description; height, weight, etc.
    • Current photograph.
    • Valid driver’s license or other state-issued identification.
  • Qualifying commercial solicitors must display a valid Town-issued identification badge at all times when soliciting in Timnath.
  • Solicitation of any kind (commercial, or non-commercial) is prohibited where a sign stating that soliciting or trespassing is not allowed.
  • There are substantial fines for solicitors who do not comply with the Town’s ordinance.

These highlights, in no way, represent the complete requirements for solicitation.  The complete requirements can be found by clicking on the “Timnath Door to Door Solicitation Ordinance” button below.

Timnath Door to Door Solicitation Ordinance



ONLINE Application for Solicitor Permit

ONLINE List of Company Solicitors


REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION (for solicitor/badge holder)

ONLINE Application for Solicitor/Badge Holder


If you are unable to complete the required forms online, the buttons below will open forms as a PDF document that can be printed, filled out, and returned to:

Town of Timnath
4750 Signal Tree Drive
Timnath, CO 80547

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION (for company) – Printable Version

Application for Solicitor Permit

List of Company Solicitors

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION (for solicitor/badge holder) – Printable Version

Application for Solicitor Permit