Buffalo Creek Annexation Update From The Mayor

Buffalo Creek Annexation UPDATE

May 13, 2016

A lot has happened since my last update a couple weeks ago.  At that time I was encouraged because the Severance Planning Commission had just voted to postpone a decision on whether to move forward with the Buffalo Creek annexation.  Unfortunately, that encouragement was short-lived. Since then, the Town Council of Severance voted to put the Buffalo Creek annexation back on the agenda to be heard by the Planning Commission on May 18 and June 6. The Mayor of Severance has made crystal clear that they are moving forward.  In fact, they are trying to rush this through so fast that their first try violated their notice requirements, and they had to stop the process and start over.

At the last Town Board meeting of Severance this topic was discussed on the agenda.  We had a few minutes to make our case.  The developer had an hour.  It was clear from that meeting that the developer is calling the shots and that the Mayor is not considering the best interests of all residents.

Since that meeting, we have:

  • Continued to push for mediating this dispute.  After weeks of pushing on this, Severance finally agreed and our mediation is scheduled for Monday, May 16.
  • We sent a letter to the Town of Severance outlining the reasons we are opposed to this and why this idea is bad for Timnath, for Severance and for all of northern Colorado.  This is worth taking a look at because it lays out all the reasons we are opposed and why the residents of Severance should be as well. A copy of that letter can be found here. All of our previous communications as to why Timnath residents should also be concerned are available below.
  • We continue to explore all our legal options.

Most importantly, we are working to get Timnath residents to attend the two upcoming meetings as noted above, in Severance.  The Severance Planning Commission is meeting on May 18th to consider this issue and then the Severance Town Board will decide on June 6th whether to annex this property and move forward with the Buffalo Creek development.

It is imperative that residents of Timnath show up at both of those meetings to make sure our voices are heard.  Read the letter to get a better understanding of the issue and join your fellow residents and city leadership at these upcoming meetings.

Jill Grossman Belisle, Mayor

Town of Timnath

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Mayor’s Letter To Severance 5/13/16