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Timnath Comprehensive Plan Update

A big thank you to all our residents who took the time to provide comments on the Timnath Comprehensive Plan Draft. Town Staff appreciates your effort to review and comment on the Plan. Currently, we are working to reviewing each comment and incorporating comments that are consistent with the year-long process and the vision set forth in the plan.

Our next and final phase of the Plan Update includes two public hearings. Once comments have been incorporated, the Adoption Draft document will be posted online. The Timnath Planning Commission will review and have the opportunity to recommend the Plan for adoption by Town Council on February 4. Town Council will then have the opportunity to adopt the Plan on February 25.

View The Comprehensive Plan Draft

About the Plan

The Town of Timnath is preparing an update of the Timnath Comprehensive Plan, which guides the physical development of the Town. The process will update our vision, examine key community needs, capitalize on future opportunities and refine our future growth. This Plan Update will also incorporate and combine the existing Downtown Plan and the Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Master Plan into one document.

Current building permit trends suggest that the Town’s population could grow from 4,000 residents to 12,000 in the next 10-15 years. As such, it is imperative that the community continues to strategically plan for this expected growth. The Plan Update will reflect the desire of the community to maintain its small-town character and to support and manage growth in a responsible manner.

Phase 1 Summary:

To kick off the planning process, the Town and consultant team began by discussing current issues and opportunities and informed stakeholders and the public about the overall process. This was done by holding a series of events and an online survey where residents were encouraged to feedback on the process. We heard that the community loves the small-town feel, overall quality of life and family-friendly living Timnath offers. However, the Comprehensive Plan should also further guide the Old Town area, pedestrian and bicycle connections and preserve the sense of character and open space.

If you’re interested in learning more, the Phase 1 Foundation and Public Launch document summarizes the feedback received from these various events and online comments. Read it HERE.

Thank you to all community members that provided feedback on our key goals and objectives and future land use choices by attending the Community Receptions or taking the online questionnaire.

Phase 2 Summary:

Phase 2 of the Comprehensive Plan focused on the development and revision of six different vision statements. The Phase 2 outreach involved attendance at the Holiday Tree Lighting on December 7, 2018, and an online survey. Respondents were asked about their general support for the vision statements and opportunities to implement the vision. Click here to review the revised vision statements and view the community feedback on the preliminary options.

Next Steps:

The feedback we received during Phase 2 will be used to create Future Land Use Maps. Staff and the Steering Committee are also currently working to update the Comprehensive Plan’s goals and objectives based on the received feedback and existing condition trends.

What is the Steering Committee’s Role?

The Steering Committee is a working group who has been selected by Town leadership and who are vested in Timnath’s future. The Committee represents a variety of perspectives and interests to provide input on all aspects of the Comprehensive Plan. They have been tasked with assisting in and actively engaging in the outreach process to garner participation from their friends, neighbors, family, etc., representing the community, being a sounding board for key concepts and alternatives, reviewing sections of the plan at key points, and advocating for the final Comprehensive Plan.


Schedule Overview


2013 Timnath Comprehensive Plan

PROST (Parks/Recreation/Open Space/Trails) Master Plan

PROST Master Plan Map

Timnath Comprehensive Plan Map