Harmony Road – New Project Starting 3/27 – Expect Delays

As part of the development of the new Windsor subdivision, The Ridge at Harmony, road construction at the intersection of Harmony Road and Latham Pkwy (AKA: LCR 1 / WCR 13) will begin on Monday, March 27th. Turn lanes are being added and other improvements are being made to accommodate increased traffic in the area. They expect the project to be completed by mid-May.

Speed limits of 25 MPH can be anticipated for the duration of the project. Lane shifts, one-lane traffic, and complete closures of Latham Pkwy north and south of Harmony Rd. will take place at various times in the process.  An anticipated schedule and PDF showing assorted stages of traffic control can be found below. We will do our best to keep our residents informed of progress and any work that may impact traffic beyond the information here.

Anticipated Schedule:
3/27 – Work on Harmony Road that will include lane shifts and traffic slow downs
3/28 to 3/31 – Traffic control continues along Harmony but will also include times of lane closures with one-way traffic. Traffic delays expected
4/3 to 4/15 – Latham Pkwy will be closed to the south of Harmony (Harmony to Twin Bridge)
4/17 to 4/29 – Latham Pkwy will be closed to the north of Harmony (Harmony to Buss Grove)

Message Boards display information in advance of each closing.

Traffic Control Diagrams